Bread and Fish

Themed dinner parties are always a good laugh- I enjoy having to pull together an outfit and then going to eat of the era food in perfectly orchestrated surroundings. Some friends of mine have a dinner club where they put on a differently themed party every few months- I’ve been to most of them (1920’s, 1880’s, Arabian Nights, etc) and they are always a fantastic change from regular life, especially for someone obsessed with fashion and decorative arts history. Last week, my boyfriend and I went to a Last Supper birthday dinner party. It was held as this huge artist loft on the Lower East Side where there were Picasso’s hanging next to Dash Snow’s in a perfectly choreographed jumble. They built a huge table out of timber, which was heaped with bread and all of these heirloom vegetables and Porgies. The food was perfectly delicious and was all a modern update of the type of dishes that Jesus himself would have eaten.

This was the first party that I really had to think about what to wear- the birthday girl said we could wear anything “religious,” but I definitely wanted to be as historically accurate as I could (while still looking good). I ended up wearing this green chiffon gown of my grandmother’s- a green chiffon slip underneath a green chiffon dress with dolman sleeves and buttons at the neck. I tied gold leather trim, that I stole from my work, under my bust so that the chiffon draped elegantly down in a rather Roman way. I also used the gold leather in my hair. Da Vinci’s Last Supper has the apostles wearing brightly coloured, very drapey robes so I think my costume was a nice update on their clothes (especially with the gold Terry de Havilland wedges I wore on my feet).


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