And how many times must I be the fool

I’ve been a longtime obsessive fan of Ossie Clark- I first learned about him when I found one of his dresses at a carboot sale in Acton when I was 11. That staretd me on what has become a life long obsession and quest to collect as many of his clothes and as much information about this fascinating man. It was with utter despair that I first heard the news that his line was going to restarted- hasn’t anyone learned anything from the awful Biba re-launch? No one can design like him, no one! I was not surprised at all about how awful the new collection is- just horrendous! They capture none of the original spirit and innate sexiness that his designs have. I’m glad, in a way, that they didn’t just directly copy every piece but the ones they did look awful. Just check out that ugly print (Oh, Celia! How I miss you!)….

The more original designs were horrific too- just true ugliness…

I truly hope that his sons win their battle to stop this completely exploitative use of his name.


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