The Disciples

As someone who’s been a rather obsessive music fan at times in my life, I find James Mollison’s The Disciples very interesting. This show, which is currently up at Hasted Hunt, is a collection of his photographs of fans who dress up as their idols at their concerts. 50 Cent, Merle Haggard, Klaxons all attract fans who feel the need to emulate the musician’s style. My favourites are probably Merle Haggard and Dolly Parton- I saw many women (and men) dressed up as her when I saw her perform at Radio City last month, and I just adore how every man at Merle’s show in Alabama is wearing overalls.

Rod Stewart concert, Earls Court, London, 2005.

Dolly Parton concert, London, 2007.

Marilyn Manson concert, Italy, 2006.

Jimmy Buffet concert, New York, 2006.

P. Diddy concert, Miami, 2006.

Merle Haggard concert, Hunstville, USA, 2006.

When I was around 11 I started going to the annual Adam Ant convention in London. They were held in this crappy pub in Islington, and many of the people dressed up as him- there was Jubilee-era Adam, Kings of the Wild Frontier-era Adam, Viva le Rock, etc. I always thought the costumed fans were a little odd, but now I appreciate their passion. I guess that partially explains why I enjoy these photographs so much- they remind me of my own obsessions and celebrate these fan’s passions without judgement.


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