Puppy Love

Anyone want an adorable little poodle puppy? My boyfriend found him abandoned Saturday night at the park at S5th and Marcy in Williamsburg, and we’ve been looking for his owner ever since then. We’ve had no luck, so we are trying to find a wonderful home for him to go to. He’s the best little puppy! We would keep him but we have three cats and a small apartment, so it just won’t work for us right now. He has a great personality and is great fun to be around. I’ve been taking him out every morning for my run around the track so he is super energetic.

This cute little baby deserves a great home and lots of love- he will definitely give you lots…

E-mail me!



  1. Annie · October 11, 2008

    Aw… Poor little guy! I hope he finds a good home.


  2. Allie · November 3, 2008

    i am so, so tempted to take him. i need puppy love in my life!


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