Let yourself lay back within your dreams

Soft pastels, reminiscent of Jordan almonds, have been turning up on several Haute Couture runways. I adore these shades, so I was really excited to see Riccardo Tisci using them in the Givenchy Haute Couture Spring 2009 show. He has used pastels before, but this time they were much more muted.

How amazing is this suit? This jacket is so gorgeously cut with the ruched shoulders and softly curved front.

I cannot get over how pretty this blouse is. Those shoulders! I have to get my sewing skills back up to par as I have a vintage pattern that I could adapt into this- I love the use of organza instead of bulky shoulder pads.

This would make such a beautiful wedding gown- it just looks so perfect, especially with the roses petals littering the floor. I would love to see close-ups of the lycra banding on the bodice.

This is one of the pieces that astonishes me with the level of skill required to make it. Just the corseting alone is immaculate, but the insets are done so perfectly and with more than a little of Muglarish flair . I have a 1920s black lace cape but I think I need this one- again, those shoulders!

What an amazing colour!

Not only is this dress on my favourite model, but the soft lavender chiffon and the feathers make for an incredibly glamorous and almost melancholic gown.

I love the exaggeration of the vampish ’40s shoulders combined with the bellybutton grazing neckline and the soft asymmetric ruffles of the skirt.


One comment

  1. Pen Pen · February 1, 2009

    When I first saw the white veils I thought those WERE wedding “gowns”! Funny 🙂


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