Preen: Fall 2009

Preen have long been one of my absolute favourite designers- I have several of their dresses that I wear constantly, and if I could get my hands on some of the designs in their Fall 2009 collection they would become instant favourites. I love the way they make immaculately cut sexy bodycon dresses that aren’t tarty at all- their lines are fluid and mold the body into perfection.
How hot is this? I love long-sleeved tight minidresses and this one is such a great example of this style- the mesh panels are sexy without being forced.

A perfect little cocktail dress.

My favourite of the collection- I adore blue lame and have been wanting something with it since Staerk’s S/S 09 collection.


I almost bought a blouse of theirs in lace with panels across the chest similar to this one two years ago, and it is definitely a major regret for me- I’ve thought about it often and stalked Ebay looking for it with no luck. This isn’t quite as amazing, but I love it combined with the full skirt.

I would seriously die for this coat- my favourite piece so far this fashion week.

The rainbow colours are so pretty! All of my pieces from Preen are such strong colours, it’s nice to see them use something a bit more muted. I will be looking out for this piece.

So far I’ve found fashion week to be dull, dull and boring- nothing has really stood out as anything remarkable. I love and want several pieces from Staerk and Preen, but those are both labels that I wear often and am pretty much guarenteed to love. I feel like I am waiting to be blown away and I have a feeling I won’t be- I was talking to good friends who are stylists and some people who work for Vogue and they all shared my feelings. I understand that many designers are trying to be more commercial due to the economy but there doesn’t seem to be any inspiration, and there aren’t really any new interesting styles- I’ve seen at least 7 leather bustier dresses, which I also remember from the spring shows. Maybe I’m just wishing for too much…


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