Eddie Borgo Jewellery

I modeled some of my good friend, Eddie Borgo’s, jewellery for a little Vogue.com story last weekend. They put up the story here, so you can check it out (I’m not enamoured with the photo but I guess it is alright). These are some pieces of his he designed for Jen Kao’s Fall 2009 collection- this necklace is my favourite piece of his I’ve seen thus far. He’s a really amazing jewellery designer so keep an eye out for his work.


One comment

  1. sandyxxx · December 4, 2009

    Spot on! And I love that you gave it a name too, 'complexity' is an excellent name for a cow!
    I agree with everything you wrote, and I can see all these parts in your work, the layers adding presence and the final bead giving life being such a perfect description, and it fits my work too, SO TRUE!!
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