Bees, Me & Bill Gibb

Sometimes Ebay just throws the best stuff at you- I try not to look but I get those email updates about some of my favourite searches, and today I as sent one for a Bill Gibb bee dress (exactly like this one but in black) that was ending in four hours. I ended up getting it pretty cheap (way, way, way cheaper than the one on that vintage site) so I am incredibly excited. I’m not supposed to be shopping but I love this dress and am so excited to add it to my collection.



  1. Miss Peelpants · April 4, 2009

    That is so beautiful. I think I prefer it in black as well – congrats!!!!


  2. fanom1 · July 17, 2011

    Hi there, Love the dress! I have just found a red one exactly the same but without bees instead covered buttons. Size 10 and fits me perfectly. I intend to sell on ebay but am not sure what to start bidding at … would you advise if you don't mind. Know am cheeky! Gaynor x


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