Pucci, Pucci, Pucci!

When I was in Florence a few weeks ago I went out to the outlet mall run by Gucci Group, where there are stores for all the brands owned by them. I tried on amazing black jacket with gold stitching at Alexander McQueen, but I knew that I was sure to find something I loved by him. The real surprise of the day was at the Pucci store. I’ve always liked Pucci, but just not enough to seek it out- I have enough designers I am obsessed with to spend money on any others. Walking into the Pucci store I immediately spied about 30 pieces I would gladly wear on a normal basis. Most of the stock was from Spring 2008, which I don’t even remember looking at online at the time. This collection was designed by Matthew Williamson- I always thought he was the perfect fit for Pucci so I was honestly surprised when he was fired and now that I have seen the clothes in person the only reason I can come up with for why they didn’t sell was because they were so heinously over-priced. Even with a 50 or 60% discount every piece was several thousand euros (so I obviously left with out anything). While I haven’t really loved anything recently by Williamson (he seems a little stuck) I loved his first collections so deeply- I have several pieces from them, including the most beautiful coat from his second collection, which I stalked at Harvey Nicks for months before catching the last one on sale in my size.

The Pucci pieces I loved just had such a great luxe, bohemian, sexy vibe (all adjectives to describe much of my wardrobe- I didn’t work for Tracy Feith for years and not love this style!). I wish I’d been able to pick up a few of the these, but they were all far beyond my bank account.

This jacket was my absolute favourite- tan suede with tie dyed python stained glass-like appliques. So chic- I would wear this all the time.

This dress is just so divinely cute and sexy- I’ve seen it on Ebay but still for so much money- I really don’t understand why Pucci’s clothes are quite so much!?! Gucci seems cheaper!

You cannot even imagine how amazing this dress was in person! It also came in silver or with a deep v=neck (this version has a low back). I wanted so badly to try it on but I knew it would upset me too much to leave it behind.

Love these colours and the starburst pattern.

A perfect outfit for partying on a summer night.

I adore long-sleeved, long dresses as they are so incredibly sexy without being offensive, and this one is made even better by the neon stained-glass pattern.

I didn’t see this but I love everything about it- and it’s in my favourite colour.

This chiffon gown was there in another pattern and I really wanted to get it to wear to my brother’s wedding but it sadly was not to be…

I love everything patchwork (just look at my Thea Porter love) and caftans (see Thea Porter again) so when I saw this one I was totally awed. Caftans are very difficult to cut in a way where they don’t add dozens of pounds of bulk, and this one is cut narrow enough to be slinky while still retaining the volume that is so appealing about cafatsns.


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  1. Annie · May 5, 2009

    Wow! That last one!


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