The Costumes of The Nutcracker

As a little girl, my parents had season tickets to the New York City Ballet. A few times a season my parents would take me with them to Lincoln Center to see a ballet, and every year they always took me to The Nutcracker. I loved everything about the ballet- the dancer’s lithe bodies, the exquisite beauty of their movements, the mysterious and glamorous atmosphere, and, especially, the costumes. When I saw Rachel Papo’s photographs of the making and fitting of the NYCB’s Nutcracker costumes that were in the New York Sun I was immediately enthralled by them. The costumes and tutus are fluttering visions of pink and cream, and I find it so intriguing to see all of the layers that go into them up close. I would love to examine them all personally, but, for now, these photos will have to do.



  1. Miss Peelpants · May 18, 2009

    My trouble is, I frequently get to see them up close and personal when they’re covered in make-up, sweat or have been in storage for 20 years. But I rather like the musty, grubby side of costume as well as the magical beauty when they’re out on stage…shimmering and floating….

    They are extraordinary works of art when you see what goes into them, and what they withstand over the weeks, months and often years.


  2. Anna Marie · May 6, 2011

    hi…my name is Anna and i am 14 i have recently gone en pointe and hope to someday be one of the girls on stage dancing it shades of pink….fluffing my skirt and tying my shoes…i was wondering how old i have to be in order to try out to be one of the flowers in the play “The Nutcracker” i have achieved one dream and im hoping that ill be able to achieve another 🙂


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