Going blonder…

I’ve always thought about going blonder, but I’ve never done it out of fear (I’m not really good with change, either). Lately I’ve been thinking about it more and more- now I’ve started to fear that if I don’t do it now I will never do it. Also, when you’re young you are supposed to do crazy things, right? And this wouldn’t even be that crazy- just a lighter allover honey blonde. These photos by Brigitte Sire, for A4 magazine, are the perfect encapsulation of how I would like to look with that hair- breezy, sixties-style glamour.

Should I do it? My boyfriend was suggesting I go platinum, but that seems a little much for me…


One comment

  1. Miss Peelpants · May 24, 2009

    I say ‘do it’! I keep wondering if I should be doing more radical things with my hair while I still can (just). Nearly ended up with a Maureen Starkey look a few months back (those photos with Ringo walking through an airport, with the blonde ends) but chickened out. And my hair is pretty hard to lighten anyway.

    But if you can get away with blonde, which you clearly can, then do it. If I could, I would!


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