At Home: A Studio Room in Rome, 1970s


This spacious room has big windows which are ideal for an artist. It has been simply yet imaginatively decorated.


Light and interchangeable pieces of furniture have been specially chosen so that the can be moved around easily, according to the needs of the moment. Even the cupboards, normally a fixture, have been fitted on coasters to enable them to be moved around and to vary the aspect of the room as the designer intended.


In front of the big window, two Artemide tables are placed for the work area. The Zanotta sag bags clustered in the middle of the room make a congenial choice of seating which can be moved at will. Near the door leading on to the terrace is the sleeping area which consists of a simple bed, small storage and shelving units and brightly-coloured laminated cupboards fitted on coasters. The metal ‘Palm Tree’ by Schifano, pictures by well-known modern artists, various posters and other objects combine, sometimes with unusual combinations (like the juxtaposition of Lenin and Superman) to create an unusual and highly personal arrangement.


A white plastic dummy sits astride the water-heater. Rope and wood sculpture is by Cintoli. The necessary electrical fitments, which are usually concealed, have been exploited as a decorative feature in this interior.


Text by Franco Magnani and photos by Anghinelli. Scanned from One Room Interiors, 1979.


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