Adventures of a Fashion Historian…

While I’ve been very busy lately with my research for my PhD and other projects, I’ve also been finding myself quite busy with some press of my own. My interest in the history of clothing, which has become by career, started in many ways with my interest in the vintage clothing I found in my grandmother’s closet and at car boot sales. This has led me to accumulate quite a large collection, which brings me a huge amount of joy and which I love to share. I was filmed for StyleLikeU two years ago, but it was nice to do an update in my new apartment for both Tales of Endearment and Lucky magazine.

Natalie Joo’s lovely blog, Tales of Endearment, is all about vintage fashion- a perfect fit for me!

My profile in Lucky Magazine, April 2012.

Seven days of my outfits (mainly from Paris fashion week) on Lucky Magazine‘s website.

Anyone who follows me on Twitter has probably realised that I love it as a medium for the transfer of knowledge and as a way of connecting with people. I’ve met some really intriguing, wonderful, creative people through it, including some very good friends in real life. One of the people I connected with on Twitter is Kay Montano, an amazing British make-up artist who, after a career working with every major magazine and campaign, is now seeking to redefine our limited notions of what is beauty. We met for tea and talk, and she asked to interview me for her blog, where she showcases beauty icons, gives helpful hints and also tries to open up the discussion around ideas of beauty (see her interview with Thandie Newton on hair as a great example).

My interview on Kay Montano’s blog.

Aside from fashion, one of my most obvious interests is cats so it was great fun to be interviewed by Claire, of the blog Lola is Beauty, for her series Bloggers + Cats.

Misha, Laser and I.


One comment

  1. Crystal Lee · March 20, 2012

    Neato. Thanks for the links. You have such great taste. The Biba lurex skirt is insane! swoon.


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