photo nova_apr1974_alicesprings_baker_vanrooey_cover_zps6b42d0a8.jpg

 photo nova_apr1974_alicesprings_baker_vanrooey_30_zpsf4b991c0.jpg

 photo nova_apr1974_alicesprings_baker_vanrooey_31_zps1f79c969.jpg

 photo nova_apr1974_alicesprings_baker_vanrooey_32_zps15ebac4b.jpg

 photo nova_apr1974_alicesprings_baker_vanrooey_33_zps7c82aa56.jpg

 photo nova_apr1974_alicesprings_baker_vanrooey_34_zpsb8b8ede6.jpg

 photo nova_apr1974_alicesprings_baker_vanrooey_35_zpsc03dfb41.jpg

 photo nova_apr1974_alicesprings_baker_vanrooey_36_zps7e2665f5.jpg

 photo nova_apr1974_alicesprings_baker_vanrooey_37_zps56b02070.jpg

Willy Van Rooy modeling in front of blown-up photos of Helmut Newton – styled by Caroline Baker and photographed by Alice Springs (June Newton) for NOVA, April 1974.


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