Pam Slade: Private Eye

 photo playgirl_dec1979_lenrileybudslocomb_75_zps755732c4.jpg

 photo playgirl_dec1979_lenrileybudslocomb_76_zps65a80224.jpg

 photo playgirl_dec1979_lenrileybudslocomb_77_zps36949be6.jpg

 photo playgirl_dec1979_lenrileybudslocomb_78_zps8889cc8c.jpg

 photo playgirl_dec1979_lenrileybudslocomb_79_zps4ad3d550.jpg

 photo playgirl_dec1979_lenrileybudslocomb_80_zps17d7868e.jpg

 photo playgirl_dec1979_lenrileybudslocomb_81_zps31e9c2f4.jpg

Editorial by Len Riley and Bud Slocomb for Playgirl, December 1979.

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