The Woman is You



The woman we like to be – a little arrogant, a lot elegant, in a veritable treasure trove of pattern. Pure Byzantinerie that brings its splendid flourish into tailored line, while fuchsia glows into rose. The coat is double-faced wool. The soft, soft dress is silk that hoods the face to hide- what’s this- a smile? Both by Valentino.


The woman we all are – slipping out of the shadows in a desert cloak, which the wind riffles back for a moment to reveal: Color, as rich as jewels. Chemiserie, swagged with printed rubies, amethysts, and pearls, revelling in a slow slide over the figure. Dress, in Brossin de Mere wool crepe de chine, Cape, in Prudhomme wool. Both by Saint Laurent.



Guy Laroche borrows inspiration from a Russian folk tale, scatters stiff little purple and red field flowers over a full-sleeved white wool dress, tied high under the bosom like a peasant apron. Charming addition: A little kerchief fastened demurely under the chin. Vivid fashion footage: Violet suede boots. Dress, in Linton Burg fabric.


Louis Feraud pirates the pattern of peasant pottery, molds them into slim mirror-image dinner dresses that bell out in full sleeves and dancing skirts. Exuberant accessories: Two small pouches, strung from the belt. Foreground: Heather and black on white. Background: Primary red and black on white. Both dresses, in Ducharne wool, designed by Peer Spook.

Editorial by Neil Barr from Harper’s Bazaar, October 1970.

Today is my birthday and I only wish I had something as sensational as the pieces above to wear to my dinner tonight! Which is your favourite? The purple sequin and organza Givenchy gown in the first spread is calling to me- how will I find anything to compare?!?


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