photo USElle_February1995_IsabellaRossellini_Bensimon_FrancoisNars_1_zps4ea85dca.jpg

 photo USElle_February1995_IsabellaRossellini_Bensimon_FrancoisNars_2_zps34bd7c1a.jpg

 photo USElle_February1995_IsabellaRossellini_Bensimon_FrancoisNars_3_zps9a741d69.jpg

 photo USElle_February1995_IsabellaRossellini_Bensimon_FrancoisNars_56_zps820d4df3.jpg

 photo USElle_February1995_IsabellaRossellini_Bensimon_FrancoisNars_7_zpsbfadbd0e.jpg

 photo USElle_February1995_IsabellaRossellini_Bensimon_FrancoisNars_6_zps8f5fdbea.jpg

Isabella Rossellini photographed by Gilles Bensimon, with makeup by Francois Nars, from Elle, February 1995.


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